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In 1863, the largest cavalry engagement in the western hemisphere was fought with 19,000 mounted men in Brandy Station, VA.  Today it is home of an aggressive, privately owned wire mill manufacturing quality wire at competitive prices.



This company was established in January 1985 in Brandy Station, VA, just outside of Culpeper and approximately 50 miles southwest of Washington, DC.


The company has 20 drawing machines that produce primarily high carbon, bright and galvanized steel wire.  In 1997, Fyne-Wire added a new building for use of office space.  The company has several 10-die, high-speed dry machines capable of running up to 0.090" diameter.  With this equipment the full manufacturing range is 0.006" to 0.090" diameters.  The company purchases patented bright and galvanized process wire and converts this to finished wire on various types of packages up to 1000# spooless cores.


Major markets are to producers of wire rope, spring wire, automotive, aircraft cable, and a number of other fields.  The company employs 30 people with a production capacity of approximately 400 tons per month.


In August 1993 a new division was formed, Williamsport Patented Wire, to market patented wire in the size range of 0.065" to 0.2" the carbon range of C1013-C1086.  Hard drawn wire is also available up to size 0.25" diameter.

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